Resources, Websites, and Magazines to help on your astrological journey. Some of the best Astrology blogs are included on the sidebar…


Astro Databank – birth data and horoscopes of thousands of public figures

Astrodienst – one of the best sites for horoscopes, resources and articles

Astrology Ephemeris – data covering 9,000 years for the positions of all planets in downloadable pdf files

Astrology News Service – tons of excellent articles about astrology

The Centre for Psychological Astrology – courses, online tuition, seminars, and free magazine downloads of Apollon

Chaos Astrology – comprehensive site covering horoscopes, interpretation, transits, articles, and more

The Dark Pixie Astrology – predictions and interpretations, plus a blog

The Faculty of Astrological Studies – courses, online seminars, and articles

Skyscript – tons of articles and resources

Richard Tarnas – articles and videos on archetypal cosmology and deep history


ARHAT Media – Robert Hand’s site featuring articles and resources

Maurice Fernandez – Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness – articles, videos, and more

Steven Forrest – Evolutionary Astrology: tons of resources, articles and videos

Jeffrey Wolf Green – School of Evolutionary Astrology – articles and samples from his books

Hiroki Niizato Astrology – excellent articles rooted in humanistic astrology

Melanie Reinhart – tons of articles, videos and downloads

Dane Rudhyar Archival Project – fantastic resources and access to many out of print books

Erin Sullivan – articles and videos, training and consultations


Apollon – journal published by the Centre for Psychological Astrology. Free pdf downloads

Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology – academic journal, free articles available to download

The Mountain Astrologer – the best astrology magazine in the world. Site includes free articles and beginner’s series

Horoscope Reports

Astro*Intelligence – excellent psychological analysis based on Jungian principles by Liz Greene

Equinox – good range of charts by Robert Currey, including Astro-cartography and Liz Green’s Astro*Intelligence reports

Café Astrology – a multitude of different charts and an extensive and useful website

Jonathan Cainer – excellent site with forecasts and plenty of charts to choose

There are many, many astrologers out there. Some are excellent, some are good, and some are frankly charlatans. To avoid disappointment and make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned cash, please shop around and get testimonials. Better still – learn how to interpret your own chart.

Free Charts and Interpretations

Input your birth data and receive a free printout of your horoscope from the following sites:

Missed any good ones? Add your recommendations in the comments below…

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Wow Jess, I’ve been studying spirituality and enlightenment for some time, but until now, have never explored the realm of astrology. I completed a reading from the Astrolobe website you listed on your resources page, and I couldn’t believe the results. It was like looking at a floor standing mirror and seeing every bit of me. I must confess though, it confuses me somewhat. The accuracy of my reading seems to suggest that my psychological blueprint was created for me by the planets in our solar system and their relative position to my own at the time of my birth…that would be profound! If the planets are that deeply influential, I guess it would also mean that, by their positioning relative to us in any given moment, they would be continually swaying our path of existence. Is that what is currently understood…in your experience, do you believe that our neighbouring planets are the architects of our psychological form and the tidal forces we feel in everyday life?

    Ooo, I believe I’m fascinated. Darn, I feel another mountain of exploration coming on 🙂

    David Hicks

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    1. Hi Dave! So the astrology bug has got you too! 😉

      The planets don’t directly cause anything to happen or make you the way you are, but there does seem to be a correlation between the movements of the planets and our experience. Nobody really knows how it works or why it should be that way. When in doubt I usually mumble something about quantum physics (which I don’t understand either!) and entanglement, but I have the feeling it’s way more complex (or simple) than that.

      There’s lots to explore through astrology. I can recommend the Astrology News Service as a good place to start for interesting articles that might answer some of your questions. And has great articles too.

      I’m happy to answer any questions that come up – if I can! Happy exploring 🙂

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