I’m Jessica Davidson and have been studying astrology since 1992 (when Saturn crossed my Ascendant). When I’m not contemplating the heavens and pondering archetypes, I can be found writing novels and stuff for my website.

Stealing Fire from the Gods is my attempt to gather together all I’ve learned over the years about astrology and share it with you. Astrology can be a powerful tool for developing greater self-awareness and I’ve found it invaluable for bringing what is hidden and dark into the light of consciousness.

The story of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods is about humanity being given the gift of conscious self-awareness. But without guidance it can be hard to make the most of that gift. Astrology allows us to see exactly how we relate to the cosmos.

You are a universe in miniature and your horoscope is a challenge from the universe – a challenge to wake up, to grow in self-awareness, and embrace your Promethean Fire!

This site is under construction and I’ll be adding interpretations and articles over time – follow the blog to get all the latest updates!

Find out more about me or get in touch here:

You can see my horoscope here.

Terms: I’m not a professional astrologer and don’t offer consultations. Please note that all advice on this site is for guidance only. Astrology is a symbolic language and offers a balance of probabilities rather than certainties. Astrology can’t foretell your future. For legal, medical, financial, or other specialist questions, seek qualified professional advice.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting concept…he wasn’t stealing actual power or fire to give to mortals…he was reducing the power the gods had over mortals by helping them establish the “fire” within themselves.

    Nice disclaimer:P

    I think astrology COULD foretell the future. But, you’d have to be an expert. And, in terms of the ancient gods, to say you are an expert seems like contempt and at risk of being struck by lightning or turned into a spider.

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  2. Interesting concept. He wasn’t stealing power from the gods. He was making mortals more powerful by helping them find power in themselves, making them more independent.

    I think astrology COULD tell the future if someone was an expert reader. But, that might earn them punishment like being turned into a spider or being struck by lightning.

    I’ve been casually studying astrology since 2001. I have books on Western, Chinese, hand and face reading.

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    1. Hi writingbolt. Thanks for the extra dimension on the Prometheus story.

      Yes, it may be possible to predict the future, but you’d have to know everything – and that would probably melt your brain 😉

      I’ve never studied Chinese astrology – it seems very different to the Western variety. One of these days…


      1. Did you really need the extra dimension or are you just being polite?:P hehe

        What is melting whose brain? “Everything” may be subject to opinion and how much effort one applies.

        Chinese astrology is different, I am sure, in many ways. But, all I know is that it’s based on moon cycles whereas Western follows the sun. Putting Western monthly signs together with Chinese annual signs, I have a much easier time remembering people’s types and birthdays. 🙂 I’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss it sometime.

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